Services Offered

"Quality is a reflection of our company"

Walk Through Video

We also provide cinematic videos for both residential and commercial properties. We use a professional 3-axis camera stabilizer to produce perfectly smooth shots. Company logo, animated graphic text, headshots, and detailed specifics can all be displayed onto the video.

Aerial Drone Images & Video

If you need to capture images or video from the sky, not a problem! Our drone captures up to 4k resolution video and high quality images.


My rates start at $200 for residential real estate photography.

For commercial and non-real estate professionals, such as interior designers, please contact us for all other pricing inquiries.

Interior & Exterior Imagery

Raaw Photo is a residential and commercial property marketing company, in which a devoted professional is committed to exceptional customer service and the delivery of the final products.


Brandon Brodie specializes in providing captivating, professionally lit imagery of interiors, exteriors, and dramatic twilights to both residential and commercial professionals in need of high quality marketing pieces.

Each delivered image is professionally lit onsite in order to clearly depict window views and accurate colors. Professional lighting and post-process blending techniques is essential to our company's high quality standards.


At Raaw Photo, we give our clients the upper hand by creating eye catching images and videos that will help sell the property faster and more effectively.

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